Muscle Therapy in Romeoville

Myotherapy in Romeoville IL
Myotherapy in Romeoville IL
Myotherapy in Romeoville IL

Kinsio Taping

Do you remember seeing all that strange colored tape on professional athletes?  That tape is Kinsio Tape and it specifically designed to move in concert with your body’s natural muscles in order to offer strength and support, to assist normal movement, and to affect the neurological support from your nervous system.  This tape helps to facilitate the body’s natural healing process and to provide support and stability without restricting the normal range of motion that bracing does.

When combined with chiropractic and rehabilitative care, Kinsio Taping allows the body to maintain the corrective healing that was received longer than with just the original care. The end result is you feel and move better longer.  This tape is water resistant and normally last several days while maintaining its effectiveness.

Kinsio Taping is not just for athletes.  This state of the art technique is approved for all ages and has many benefits other than for athletes.  Since all injuries usually involve the muscles, Kinsio Taping in Romeoville is a treatment option that is available for all areas of pain or dysfunction.

Myofascial Release and Active Release in Romeoville

Myofascial release and Active Release are forms of muscle therapy designed to relax muscle tissue, promote circulation, increase rang of motion and flexibility, prevent fibrosis (scar tissue) enhance muscle function and break up scar tissue already present within the muscle fibers.  It is different than massage in that is targeted to a specific muscle or groups of muscles and it usually is performed within the muscles active range of motion.  It a deeper technique and the results are longer lasting than traditional massage.

Percussive Therapy

While vibration is a movement that goes back and forth, Percussive therapy is a movement that is up and down.  The percussive tool allows for deep penetration of muscles that are in spasm.  Only percussive therapy works down into the muscle, breaking up the small adhesions in the fibers that if untreated result in scar tissue formation.  While it feels like massage therapy, Percussive Therapy works to decrease spasms and adhesions, and to increase blood circulation and nutrient flow.  When the muscles spasms are corrected, the nerve irritation is elevated, pain is decreased and function is improved.

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